Designed by necessity, engineered for simplicity and function, manufactured… because we can.

Walleye fisherman and machine shop owner, Tim Bennett, solved the problem of having numerous In-Line boards laying around the boat at the end of the day. Even worse, laying at your feet while trying to bring in a big one. After a year of design, redesign, and testing he settled on the current design of the Tango BH-6. It’s easily hung on the available hooks, either on your garage wall or inside your boat. Or, rigid mount for a more permanent solution.

Tango Fishing products are designed and manufactured locally in North Ridgeville, Ohio by Tango Echo Bravo Mfg. Inc.

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Thank you for considering Tango Fishing’s products – we look forward to introducing more of our products here soon and welcome any suggestions you may have.

Good fishing!
Timothy E. Bennett
President / Owner